Free Knitting Pattern!

Hello everyone and happy Friday!
Thank you for being here! You have no idea how much it means to me.
As you might know, I had been knitting A LOT lately. Many people have asked about my patterns, yarns, tools etc. over on my IG page ( @rosehip_lane ) that I finally got the message and started writing a blog. I am hoping to get better at blog writing as I will ( hopefully ) get hang of things. I apologize in advance for any mistakes as english is my second language.
Are you ready to settle down with a knitting in hand? Enjoy!
   Ultimate Slightly Slouchy Beanie Hat
                                       by Rosehip Lane
  What you need:
1 x Lion Brand Yarn Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman ( or any other color you might prefer )
Circular knitting needle #8US
Circular knitting needle #10US
Crochet hook
Jumbo size Pom Pom maker or a faux fur pom pom
Border Patt: 1knit, 1 purl
Basic Patt: all knit
Tension: 10 st and 12 rows  to 10 cm square
              -  Using circular knitting needle #8US, cast on 42 stitches.
              -  Knit Border Patt for 12 rows
              -  Switch to circular knitting needle #10US and knit in Basic Knit    
                 Patt  for 12 rows
              -  next start shaping the hat by knitting together every 7th and   
                 8th stitch
              -  Next row is knitted as the stitches show
              -  Following row shape the hat by knitting together every 4th and
                 5th stitch, then 3rd and 4th, 2nd and 3rd next row knit all   
                 stitches without decreasing number of stitches
              -  Last row: take the crochet hook in your right hand and use it as
                 a knitting needle, knitting together every 1st and 2nd stitch as
                one. Repeat until you have all stitches off the circular needle
                and set the circular needle aside loop the last stitch through
                all the remaining stitches on the crochet hook - making a circle.
                secure the stitch, then cut off the end
              -  wave in the loose ends
              -  using a jumbo size pompom maker, make a pompom, then carefully    
                 secure it on the top of the hat
              - You are finished! Congratulations!!
I hope you like your new The Ultimate Slouchy Pom Pom Beanie Hat

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