How To Take Eye Catching Product Photos - Beginners Guide

How To Take Eye Catching Product Photos - Beginners Guide


How To Take Eye Catching Product Photos

Beginners Guide 

Happy Friday and welcome to my new blog!
The question I get asked most often is how to take beautiful product photos. I am so honored! Let me assure you, this was a struggle for me as well, especially in the beginning of my maker journey.
Before I get to it, please understand I am not a professional photographer and I will be trying to say a few words about subjects of photography I think are important from my own perspective. The whole point of this is hopefully help you a little bit! 
Ready to take better pictures? There is always space to make things better, right?The road to better pictures might require some extra work, but it is so worth it!
1. Light
is most important element in photography. You have probably heard this so many times before and it is true. Natural light is always way better than lamp light so try to use it as much as you can. Not sure which place in your home has the best light? Try this home experiment!
Your home experiment:
Pick a beautiful bright day and start experimenting. ( stay away from taking pictures on a dreary rainy day ) At first, you have to try different locations in your home with the same object and try to take similar pictures at many different locations, usually near the window. Then you look at the pictures and evaluate. Which picture/ which location has the best light? Take pictures at different times trough out the day. You might quickly discover which location and time of the day is the best for taking your pictures.
If you just don't have a great natural light in your home, there is an excellent solution I would love to get for myself - a product photography box that I heard so many great things about. You can explore the one I picked on amazon at the bottom of the page.     
2. Background: 
White background is almost always a good idea when you are taking pictures of merchandise. The only instance when it's not a good idea is when you have light colored item to photograph. Choose complementing darker background color then. 
3. Structures:
Adding different structures to your pictures will work well to add depth. Some experts are able to create beautiful arrangements this way and it might be a good idea to experiment with it! 
4. Angle
You can also experiment with different angles to take your pictures and then decide which one is esthetically pleasing the most.
 5. Composition 
is a fun part because you get to play with the picture. you might also need to play with it a little bit and don't be discouraged when sometimes it simply doesn't work. 
Adding few completely different but beautiful items to your composition ( I photograph knits so I like to add cozy elements - candles, things I find in nature and sometimes a hot drink )  
6. Colors
should be complementing, not clashing. Warm tones generally please more people. I love a good cool toned colors but from my experience, these do not speak to the crowds.
 7. Editing
I almost always have to edit my photos, but I call it light touch up - mostly adding more light/ exposure. There are many presets and programs out there that will do the editing in one click, but I do not have experience with these. 
Don't be discouraged if you need to rearrange things few different ways in order to please your senses, sometimes these photoshoots take a lot of time and effort, other times it seems to go easy and quickly.  
I hope I was able to give you some tips for your better products photography. Thank you for reading this post. Have a beautiful weekend!
XOXO, Jana

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