Top 5 Last Minute Knitted Christmas Gifts


Top 5 Last Minute Knitted Christmas Gifts
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Top 5 Last Minute Knitted Christmas Gifts
So, let's start my top 5!

Heart Print Beanie Hat

    1. Heart Print Fair Isle Beanie Hat

     A neutral color combination and a old fashioned yarn pom pom is always a great idea! I have never met anyone at my in-person Craft Market that would not like this style! ( but I have met some people who were not fans of faux fur pom poms, thinking it was real fur which I would NEVER use, but... just to be safe, use yarn pom poms ) 


Double Brim Beanie Hat


2. Double Brim Beanie Hat 

  In neutral color, the recipient's favorite color, or color complimenting their skin color and their outerwear. (Thinking more about the details will always pay off!)

Double Brim Beanie is one of my very favorite designs and best selling knitting patterns for a good reason. The double layer over the ears is just the "selling point" for many buyers. If you are gifting a nature lover, outdoor sport enthusiast or a dog owner, this might be your perfect choice!

In my original pattern, I used two strands of medium weight yarn, you can absolutely substitute any yarn that would be similar or use one strand of thicker    ( bulky ) yarn.



3. Chevron Print Beanie

 With a touch of bold color ( or tone in tone ) is wonderful choice for men in general, as well as women who love colors! This is such a classic design that is always well received. The design itself is a time proved, being so popular back in the day as it is today. You can really let your imagination and color combination skills running wild here, creating one of a kind gifts! ( Just a side note: men usually like a beanie hats to have NO pom pom )




4. Animal Print Beanie Hat

This is definitely something extra for the fashionista on your list. The finished hat will fit kids around 8 years and up, even if the fit might be a little bit slouchy for the girls, it will be cute and very unique!

When knitting this animal print beanie, please watch your tension, this part could be trickier than usual because of three colors that are changing.



5. Blowing Rock Fringe Scarf

This is an oversized chunky scarf with a long fringe. This scarf would make a really special gift for mom, mother in law or grandmother. It might take you a few days to finish but it is so worth it to take all this time! The scarf is beautiful, soft and warm. When knitting scarves or neck warmers, it is important to choose a yarn that is very cozy and SOFT because many of us don't like even a slight scratch around our necks. Think soft wool blends, merino wool, or highest quality acrylic yarns for your scarf project. 


I hope this holiday knitting round up gave you few ideas for your gift knitting this year. 

It would be my great honor if you would check out these 5 and many more knitting patterns. 

Happy holidays!